Ordering Options

Halloween Costume Sale.com is an online Store. Our systems are primarily geared to online ordering with credit card payments only. To ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency, place your order here online using your credit card. We use "ccavenue" payment systems based on the CitiBank Payment Gateway - which is one of the most safe and secure payment processing system available on the Internet. We also have automated order tracking tools that link with UPS, so that you will always know the exact status of your order by checking back on our website.

If you are uncomfortable with online ordering system or need help with orders, we also offer these additional options:
Ordering by Fax: You will need to provide the order details along with your credit card information and fax to us at (309) 422-8945. If you provide an email address also, the confirmation will automatically be emailed to you.
Ordering by Phone: Please call 1-866-680-5343 during 7:30 am to 5:30 pm PST Mon-Fri only.