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Girl Costumes

Girl Princess Costume

The Disney Princesses are the most popular out of the girl costumes. With gorgeous dresses that go with Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Jasmine, you will surely find one that fits your little girl and that she will enjoy. Most toy stores carry these costumes year round, so you can find them on sale and stock up for future Halloweens. Little girls love dressing as animals. At Halloween time, black cats and bunnies are popular for girl costumes. Bugs like bumblebees, ladybugs and butterflies are also everywhere! These girly costumes can be bigger and bulkier than some, so make sure to take into account how heavy it is and how far you are expecting your child to walk.

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Girl Costumes

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When it comes to girls, there are some standard costumes that you will see year after year at Halloween time. With many of them, girls can wear the costume year round in creative play. Birthday parties year round are starting to have “theme” costumes, as well, and many of these will fit with those beautifully.

Princess – The Disney Girl Princess costume are the most popular out of the girl costumes.

Ballerina – A very simple girls costume of a leotard and a tutu. Best used in warmer climates, as Halloween night can get chilly in some areas. I’ve found that these costumes often come with wings, making the costume more along the lines of a “Fairy Ballerina”.

Blue from Blue’s Clues – no matter what you may think, Blue and Magenta are both girls. Most children know this! Blue can sometimes be worn on little boys, though, and Magenta is quite popular with the girls.

Dora the Explorer – What an easy girl costume to either purchase or make yourself! With a simple pink t-shirt, red shorts, yellow socks and white tennis shoes, you have the costume pretty much complete. Add a purple backpack and some jewelry you find at a dollar store and you little girl can be Dora all year long.

My best advice when costuming your child at Halloween is let them choose what they want. Don’t make big plans and create a costume for girls, only to turn around and see they want to buy something “cool” from the store. They are not going to have fun in a costume you force them to wear, which will ultimately ruin your night, too.

Nothing elicits a smile better than cute and cuddly children in funny and charming costumes. Dressing up the kids in costumes is more fun than ever with our selection of classy ROCK STAR GIRL COSTUME, PUMPKIN PRINCESS COSTUME, POODLE SKIRT, and ANGEL COSTUME and many many more in toddler to large sizes.. These children costumes are sure hits during the Halloween and the holiday seasons!